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Meet Lidia:

Lidia Grosso is the Main Photographer and Owner of Photosmile Photography Cancun. She is an internationally known Wedding and Portrait photographer based out of Cancun, Mexico.

Creative Photojournalistic Style and capturing the right moment and the real personality of everyone is what we do best, along with understanding of lighting and care for details.

Lidia’s goal is to deliver a creative and fun photographic experience to all of  her clients!

lidia grosso photography
Lidia Grosso Photography Cancun

“It is not easy to be a good Wedding and Portrait photographer. A good camera itself won’t do the job. What matters to me is the moment. To capture the true smile and emotions of the people I am photographing”.

Originally from northern Italy, I always had a passion for photography, especially Weddings and Portraits but I wanted to move to a place where I could work all year round.

My photography journey started in 2004, when I decided to focus full time on photography and began my career in the Bahamas on Paradise Island.  After further travelling around the world fulfilling my dream of becoming a reputable photographer, I settled down in Cancun in 2006 where I got my own photo concession inside the Resort Club Med. I founded Photosmile shortly afterward in 2007 and two years later, I became an independent photographer and launched my first website. 

I built a very extensive portfolio and I have photographed  + 400 beautiful weddings and +1600 happy families over the years and in 2015 I also have been featured in the bridal Canadian Magazines: Today’s Bride and Wedding Vacations.

Since becoming an independent photographer I have been running my own company and I have been dividing my time between Mexico and Italy. I am always open to any assignment that takes me outside of Cancun and in that case, I have partnered with a talented team of associates in order to provide reliable, high-quality service all year round.

.. one more thing!  I speak 4 beautiful languages!  Si  vous avez besoin di informazioni por favor contactenme!! 🙂


Photosmile’s freelance photographers specialize in Destination Weddings, Portraits Photography and Corporate Events in the areas of Cancun, Riviera Maya and other destinations in Mexico.



(Cancun and Riviera Maya)

Carla is a very creative, spontaneous and fun to work with. She is a very independent and active person. Her background as wedding planner and events manager for very well known hotel chains in Cancun allow her to know both sides of the business. She is Lidia’s main second shooter for weddings and her skills allow her to be an excellent photographer also for families and corporate events. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.



(Cancun and Riviera Maya)

Natalie is a very patient, calm and creative photographer. She can direct you and make you feel comfortable during your photo session. She has studied Visual Arts at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico and she has been working with families for over 10 years. She specializes in Families, Maternity and Newborns Photography. She loves to create memories and is eager to learn something new every day. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.


FAQ and other useful information:

. Please note that the prices do not only include the photographer’s work and time during the session, they also include several hours of post production editing work to enhance each one of your photos.

Delivery of the images will be done via internet transfer ( or dropbox) a few days after the photo shoot. 

Number of photographs will vary depending on each session. We usually deliver around 100 / 150 photos per hour of shooting.  All images are edited and enhanced.

. Clothing advice: “What should we be wearing for the photo session?”
1. White is always everybody’s favorite but, please, try to stay away from bright white t-shirts, shorts and dresses! Creamy white, instead, is much better! Here is why: bright white casts the blue much more than creamy white. The ocean and the sky are blue. It is very hard for us, in post production, to enhance the colors of the ocean without leaving horrible blue shadows on your white clothes. Please opt for creamy white, khaki or beige. If possible, please avoid dark blue, and black with white.

2. Do not use flashy bright colors because they will cast a color on your face, like flashy pink or green or orange. 

3. Earth colors and pastel colors are my favorite. Cream, yellow, red, turquoise, pink, dark green, jeans and all the soft pastel colors you can think of! Please try to avoid thin stripes.

Deposits for Wedding photography are NOT refundable.  Deposits for Portrait Photography are refundable only with a minimum of 14 days notice. Exceptions are made when the photographer is not able to comply with the terms of the agreement due to a technical problem or in case of a storms or rain or any other situation where the photographer chooses it is better not to shoot.

. In case of  bad weather  sessions can be rescheduled according to the photographer’s availability and line of bookings. If it is only cloudy we can still take the photos but we will do our best to try to work on the nicest day as possible.

Please note: fees for travel outside the Cancun Hotel Zone may apply. Furthermore, some hotels may charge you a fee for us to be able to enter and work on the grounds. We are happy to suggest alternative locations should you wish to avoid this charge.


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