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Jeff and Lana See Life in Pink! 

Isla Mujeres portrait photography

A Love story, 29 years in the making!


Lana & Jeff couiple portrait Isla Mujeres ss


Jeff: “Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t until June 1986 when I first laid my eyes on Lana.  We were at church camp when we both wandered into the same class. At that time in my life I was very shy and was too scared to talk to her.  Then later that week my chance was gone when I saw her talking to another guy. This girl was 17-year-old Lana Lee and I had missed my chance to meet her.
It was another 5 months until our paths would cross again. Little did I know her older sister went to my church and Lana came to visit her for Thanksgiving. This time I was not going to let her get away with out talking to her, but she did. It was a couple of days later that I mustered up enough courage to call her at her sister’s house and ask her to the movies. She said yes and that Friday night we went to Star Trek IV.   That night, I took her home, she gave me a kiss and I knew this was who I wanted to spend my life with.  Two years later, I proposed to her on Valentines Day.
25 years go by just like that!  I wanted to give her a special trip to celebrate.  We had planned a romantic trip to Playa del Carmen.  Lana asked me if I would do beach portraits as a gift.  I really wasn’t that much into the idea, but agreed.  She did some research on the Internet and found great reviews for Lidia at Photosmile
Photography.  After seeing her web site, I talked Lana into doing the model for a day photo shoot for me as my present!
2 years later we decided to take our boys to Mexico and Lana decided to hire Lidia again to do our family pictures. I could tell how much better she had gotten over the previous photo shoot.
This year I found Isla Mujeres, an Island off the cost of Cancun. I decided to take my wife without kids and surprise Lana with and island tour and photo shoot! I hired Lidia again for a photo shoot on the island. The photo came out amazing!!!”.

Lana & Jeff - 006ss

Lana & Jeff - 020 ss



Lana & Jeff - 011 ss

Lana & Jeff - 025ss

Lana & Jeff - 056ss

Lana & Jeff - 050ss

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Lana Jeff 2013 ss

Souders Family portrait (156)ss

What else could I add to this post, nicer than what has been said by Jeff or shown by the beauty of this couple and their commitment to each other? …

True love, does really exist!

Thank you Lana and Jeff, I cannot wait until our next meeting! 🙂


Location: Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

Photographer: Lidia Grosso Photosmile Cancun | www.photosmilephotos.com

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